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A multitude of online learning platforms have emerged over the past decade, offering services ranging from tutoring to professional development. Predictive Learning analytics, which main aim is at selecting, analyzing and reporting student data from their interaction with the online learning environment, finding patterns in student behavior, displaying relevant information in suggestive formats and the end goal is the prediction of student performance, the optimization of the educational platform and the implementation of personalized feedback’s.
Master data management (MDM) represents one of the latest hot topics in the information systems discipline. As a comprehensive and enterprise-wide approach MDM is meant to “provide organizations with the ability to integrate, analyse and exploit the value of their data assets, regardless of where that information was collected”.
Online Movie Ticket Booking system is basically made for providing the customer an anytime and anywhere service for booking the seat in the movie hall and to gather information about the movies online. The user can easily be able to know about the movies released and then make their choice. Going to movies has been the culture of almost all the families of today’s generation.
Many computing methodologies are available within the computing field for maximizing automation. Among those, cloud computing is taken into account to be the simplest service-oriented computing technologies to automate tasks in virtual machines moreover on enable users to access information very efficiently.
As technology advances internet is becoming ever popular. Website has become an essential part. Often website of an organization is used as major requirement to rate the organization. Thus having a website is a essential part for any organization. A web-based interface is an exceptional Internet website that totals data from different sources and makes that data accessible to different clients.
Cloud computing stands the computing as a utility, where cloud customers can remotely store their information onto the cloud with a specific end goal to welcome the on-request finest software’s and managements as of a common group of programmable computation assets. Cloud is one of the significant pieces of network structural design and this model redesigns availability.
Information Mining is the way toward finding significant and helpful data from databases. Despite the fact that information mining is still in its earliest stages, organizations in a wide scope of enterprises - including retail, fund, human services, fabricating transportation, and aviation - are as of now utilizing information mining apparatuses and methods to exploit verifiable information.
In our project, we do image to sentence generation. This application bridges vision and natural language. If we can do well in this task, we can then utilize natural language processing technologies understand the world in images. In addition, we introduced attention mechanism, which is able to recognize what a word refers to in the image, and thus summarize the relationship between objects in the image.
India is a cultivation country and about 70% of the population depends on agriculture. Farmers have large range of diversity for selecting various suitable crops and finding the suitable pesticides for the pants and crops. Disease on plants leads to the significant reduction in both the quality and quantity of cultivated products. The studies of plant disease refer to the studies of visually observable patterns of plants and crops.
Internet Addiction has beyond any doubt become the growing epidemic because the variety of cases obtaining registered for the treatment of those mental disorders because of excessive web Usage each year is drastically increasing. As per the newest report, this addiction has most to try to to with depression, anxiety disorders, insomnia, isolation, mood swings, procrastination and plenty of a lot of. New terms like Pubbing (Phone Snubbing) and Nomophobia (No transportable Phobia) are created to explain people who cannot stop exploitation mobile social networking apps.