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Morale is the professional interest and enthusiasm of a person that displays towards achievement of individual and group goals in a given job situation. Morale is set within the framework of organizational theory with an individual progression toward the achievement of organizational tasks and his/ her perceived job satisfaction within the total organization.
Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter and was first described by chemist Irving Langmuir in the 1920s. It consists of a gas of ions – atoms which have some of their orbital electrons removed – and free electrons. Plasma can be artificially generated by heating or subjecting a neutral gas to a strong electromagnetic field to the point where an ionized gaseous substance becomes increasingly electrically conductive.
The reverent festival familiar as Danda Nata takes place once only in a year at the starting of April over a duration of 13 days. It is committed to ‘DevI’ generally in her merciless form as ‘Kali’ and in a collateral act to siva (1) In sourthern part of Odisha, the dance of penalty is arranged in a number of villages, possibly twenty-five to thirty groups and more at a acceptable complete evaluation.
In today’s world it is impossible to make any sense of world politics without reference to security and security matters. Somewhere in the world everyday people in the world are killed, tortured, denied education, impoverished, imprisoned, displaced and raped.
Leadership is the action of leading people in an organization towards achieving goals. Leaders do this by influencing employee behaviors in several ways. A leader sets a clear vision for the organization, motivates employees, guides employees through the work process and builds morale.
The weakness of pharmaceutical regulatory environment in India has add an adverse impact on the health conditions of Indians. This has led to easy accessibility to various medications and excess medicines throughout the country1. Moreover, minimal knowledge regarding medication safety has further worsened the situation.
Social media make the people easy to communicate one to another to express their thoughts. It engages people persistently and build up the trending activity to everyone. People welcoming social networking to use and sharing their thoughts with other people. It’s proved that to be very useful for everyone and it offers a universal platform to share and express, but its consistent engagement is affecting individual productivity, relationships and society as a whole.