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Volume 08, Issue 01,DOI:
Volume 08, Issue 01, DOI:
Volume 08, Issue 01, DOI:
The reason for the electrical current is either running of conductor on a magnetic field or movement in the magnetic field on the conductor. Einstein combines in one these two possible causes of the same phenomenon, declaring that the relative movement between the conductor and the magnet is the only source of electric current in the conductor.
Researchers have come up with a number of new techniques of fabricating perovskite films for solid state applications. Some techniques are well suited for making ultra-thin films that are semi-transparent having a capability of making solar cells of different colors.
Silver nanoparticles have proved to have various effective applications in technology. Dispersed Ag NPs on TiO2 thin films alone was found to enhance the photocurrent generation with five folds as compared to TiO2 under UV light irradiation.