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Sri Lankan universities are located around the country and are having their own university sub-culture depending on factors such as history, geographical location, regionalism, size and residential pattern of university and political ideology. Even if school education promotes some socio-economic discrimination among students based on language, ethnicity, religion, and class, higher education has minimized many of these discriminations to a greater extent.
Mass media provides a voice to the voiceless and allows masses to play a crucial role in their development. Television is the most powerful mass media tool in the development of rural community as it has greater access and fordable to all in the context of getting all types of information for their development including entertainment.
Concrete is a mixture of cement, water and aggregates, with or without admixture. Consequently, pavements in which noninter locking blocks are used are designed as concrete block pavement. The concrete paver blocks laid on a thin, compacted bedding material which is constructed over a properly profiled base course and is bounded by edge restrains/kerb stones. Many number of such applications for light, medium, heavy and very heavy traffic conditions are currently in practice around the world.
Vast regions of India are dry and getting drier. With surface water growing scarce in some areas because of climate change, groundwater extraction for drinking, agriculture, and industry is predicted to increase in the coming years. But a new study shows that India’s groundwater is contaminated by both human-made pollutants and naturally occurring toxic minerals at levels that may be detrimental to human health without treatment.
Tuberculosis is the leading cause of motility and major health problem in developing and underdeveloped countries. It is globally responsible for 3 million deaths each year.[1] There are about 10 million new active Tuberculosis cases each year and one third of the population in the world is infected with mycobacterium tuberculosis as reported by the World health organization (WHO).
The security market is one of the largest financial markets in India. Among the different components, the investors are treated as the backbone of this market. Investors are the individuals or other organization who invests capital with the anticipation to receiving monetary benefit. The main concern of an investor is to maximize the return and minimize the risk.