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The accurate meaning of word empowerment is to give or permit power. In this context we can say, creating resources and offers networks through which women shares equal human rights as men is identified as women empowerment. Since eras women rights have been desecrated (Cole, 2017).
Educational needs are enormous for increasing number of students throughout the world. There is wide gap between available resources and needs especially in populous developing countries and refugee camps in disturbed areas and gender biased societies. Online education can fill this gap. But the truth is that many fields Ares digitally transforming at pace but not the learning.
Domestic as well as multinational companies are coming up with the new strategies to sell their product. In developed countries it’s the money power or the richness of consumer that affect the buying decision whereas in less developed countries the things are entirely different.
It’s been a challenging task to every professional orthodontist to reduce the duration of orthodontic intervention in adult patients due to the increasing the risk of caries, gingival recession, root resorption and concerns related to facial and dental esthetics.
In India, reinforced concrete structures are designed and detailed as per the Indian Code IS 456 (2002). However, structures located in high seismic regions require ductile design and detailing. Provisions for the ductile detailing of monolithic reinforced concrete frame and shear wall structures are specified in IS 13920 (1993).
The goal of cloud computing is to apply traditional supercomputing, or high-performance computing power, normally used by military and research facilities, to perform tens of trillions of computations per second, in consumer-oriented applications such as financial portfolios, to deliver personalized information, to provide data storage or to power large, immersive computer games.
Reinforced concrete (RC) buildings often have vertical plate-like RC walls called Shear Walls in addition to slabs, beams and columns. These walls generally start at foundation level and are continuous throughout the building height. Their thickness can be as low as 150mm, or as high as 400mm in high rise buildings.
As Farming and Agriculture is highly dynamic and environment driven industry and there are various factor like soil, water, land, pesticides, weather condition which effects the overall productivity of corps. People involved in this profession are technically less aware of tricks and techniques of efficient farming.